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Green light given to Wakefield River plan thanks to Taylors Wines

Taylors Wines has led the formation of a group of passionate Clare Valley locals to revegetate the Upper Wakefield Catchment that encompasses Ayres Creek, Wakefield River, and Pine & Rices Creek.

With some financial backing from the Government of South Australia’s Northern and Yorke Natural Resources Management Board, work has been able to commence across two dedicated areas along the Wakefield River – the area surrounding the Auburn township and the head waters of the river at Martindale.

The first stages of the project commenced April 20 with the blocking of an unsealed bypass road to allow sheep to enter and clear the infestation of wild fennel.

The groundwork commences today and will continue tomorrow, with a team of workers removing dead trees and weeds from along the stretch of the river within the township of Auburn.

The Upper Wakefield Catchment Natural Resources Management Group (UWCNRMG) is a not-for-profit community group that formed in response to a proposal by Taylors Wines to implement a 'River Management Plan for the Wakefield River,' developed by the EPA in 2000.

The plan reported that work needed to be done including removal of weeds and planting of trees to aid biodiversity. The project aims to achieve healthy rivers through better watercourse management and determination of environmental water requirements.

Committee chairperson, Clinton Taylor of Taylors Wines, and chairman of ACDC (Auburn community development committee), Errol Bannister, are both thrilled to see project get underway.

Clinton commented, “It’s wonderful that works have commenced along the river after so much planning over the last few years. The local community have really banded together allowing us all to make a larger overall impact on the future of our environment.”





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