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Scorpion assay detects spoilage microbial organisms

South Australian wine technical consultants Provisor Pty Ltd and Advanced Analytical Australia Pty Ltd are teaming up to deliver a new DNA-based spoilage evaluation service to the wine industry in Australia and New Zealand.

Developed by ETS Laboratories in the United States, the Scorpion assay detects spoilage microbial organisms in grape juice and wine.

“This technology means winemakers can nip spoilage in the bud before it becomes a problem,” said Dr. Darren Oemcke, Provisor’s CEO. “It puts the wine industry in control, not the bugs.”

“This builds on our strengths in analytical molecular biology and chemistry testing and Provisor’s strength in wine industry technical expertise,” said Dr. Attila Tottszer, Advanced Analytical’s Business and Development Director.

Known as the “Scorpion assay”, the technology gives the wine industry the ability to detect spoilage organisms, such as bacteria and yeast, fast and at very low concentrations (10 cells/mL). Coupled with volatile metabolite analysis (i.e. 4-EP, 4-EG), and also often in conjunction with traditional plating analysis, this technology offers a powerful tool in monitoring and combating potentially harmful organisms and their spoilage metabolites.

“We are very excited about the potential to help the wine industry manage spoilage more effectively,” said Dr. Darren Oemcke.

The Scorpion assay is complementary to traditional methods, which have high detection limits, take many days to perform, and cannot detect viable but non-culturable organisms. For any enquiries, contact Dr Darren Oemcke, CEO of Provisor Pty Ltd, on 0417 803 963.

Provisor Pty Ltd: P 08 8303 8700 ">e www.provisor.com.au/index.php?id=37

Advanced Analytical Australia Pty Ltd: P 02 9888 9077 ">c www.advancedanalytical.com.au

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