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Quality vintage in line with expectations

The New Zealand 2007 grape harvest of 205,000 tonnes is set to produce superb wines but many wineries will be frustrated by shortages, despite a lift in production from 2006.

New Zealand Winegrowers Chief Executive Officer Philip Gregan said the 2007 grape harvest was in line with pre-harvest expectations for a crop of between 190,000 and 210,000 tonnes and has produced a high quality vintage.

“The good news for consumers and the industry is that the vintage benefited from an excellent late summer and autumn, and seems set to produce some superb wines. This combined with continuing strong demand for our premium wine is good news,” Mr Gregan said.

“Consumers should be pleased with the vintage when they try the new year’s wines. Reports from growers and wineries are universally enthusiastic about the harvest quality” said Gregan.

The vintage is a new harvest high for the industry, up 11% on the previous mark of 185,000 tonnes set in 2006, according to results from the New Zealand Winegrowers 2007 Vintage Survey. The growth is a result of the continuing increase in producing vineyard area, as national yields were similar to last year.

Despite the increased production, it would seem that many winemakers and their customers will be frustrated by shortages as up to two-thirds of wineries harvested a smaller crop than in 2006.

“With wine exports for the 10 months to the end of April up 31% per cent over last year we had been hoping for an even larger vintage. Compared with those numbers, a crop just 11% up on last year is inevitably going to mean continuing supply constraints for many wineries, and frustrations for customers,” said Gregan.

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