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Provisor workshop supports manufacturing excellence and innovation — program now confirmed

Provisor’s “Process Improvements for Profitability” workshop is soon to be held at the 13th Australian Wine Industry Technical Conference highlighting the benefits achievable through the application of new technology.

The program has now been confirmed and represents a range of interesting topics that will clearly offer potential benefits to the wine industry. No matter how large or small your operation, there will be interest for all. All papers at the workshop have been reviewed to ensure high quality information is presented.

Keynote 1 — Some key opportunities to drive profitability in wine production — Leon Deans, Pernod Ricard Pacific

MicroOxygenation to optimise maturation processes — Stuart Dykes, Pernod Ricard NZ

Heat stabilisation with in-line bentonite dosing — Simon Nordestgaard, University of Adelaide

Economical lees management strategies — Rachel Nield, Provisor

Using multi criteria decision analysis for rational process design — Tartrate stabilisation — Chris Colby, University of Adelaide

Keynote 2 — The Australian wine industry's record as adopters of technology — Darren Oemcke, Provisor

Process improvement for profitability using adaptive business intelligence software — Zbigniew Michalewicz, SolveIT

Using 'Lean' manufacturing principles to improve vineyard profitability — Neil Scrimgeour, Provisor

Automated colour sorting of winegrapes and its impact on wine quality — Rob Falconer, University of Queensland

Application of high power ultrasonics for simultaneous barrel cleaning and inactivation of Brettanomyces — Andrew Yap, Cavitus

Presentation of The Australian Wine Industry Engineering Excellence Award 2007 — Darren Oemcke, Provisor & sponsors.

The workshop will herald the unveiling of the first “Wine Industry Engineering Excellence Award”. Co-sponsored by Winetitles and the SA Centre for Innovation, the Wine Industry Engineering Excellence Award will be given to the presenting author of the work deemed to provide the most significant benefit to the wine industry

The Wine Industry Engineering Excellence Award promotes organisations driving technical excellence and awareness of the benefits that engineering can bring to the wine industry at all scales of operation. The award consists of a cash prize of $1000 plus book and magazine prizes worth in excess of $300. In addition, the winning paper plus highly commended papers will be published in The Australian & New Zealand Wine Industry Journal.

Book early for these workshops (W06 and W52) as places are strictly limited and are filling up fast; registration for first round placements at workshops at the 13th AWITC is 25 May 2007.

For further information, please contact Dr Vincent O’Brien of Provisor on (08) 8303 8700 or refer to http://www.provisor.com.au

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