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Francois Freres Group oak products on show at WineTech 07

Classic Oak Products will show off its comprehensive range of Francois Freres oak products on Stand 312 during WineTech.

This will be the first time that Classic Oak Products has exhibited the comprehensive range of Francois Freres Group products in Australia, which includes barrels from Francois Freres, Tonnellerie Treuil, Demptos Bordeaux, Demptos Napa and Demptos Hungary, large vats and casks from Foudrerie Joseph Francois, and the premium range of Quercus oak alternatives.

As part of the Francois Freres’s commitment to supporting and disseminating original scientific research in the field of wood and wine, Dr Nicolas Vivas Research Director of Demptos and lecturer at Bordeaux University, will be attending WineTech and conducting small workshops for Classic’s customers.

Classic Oak Products is comprised of two businesses, one in New Zealand and one in Australia. The businesses were purchased from the Fosters Group by the French publicly listed company Group Tonnellerie Francois Freres (TFF) on 1st July, 2006.

TFF is now the largest French cooperage company specializing exclusively in oak products. Currently it owns eight individual cooperages operating in five countries, one foudrerie, one alternative production facility and four stave mills, including France’s flagship So Gi Bois.

WineTech is presented by the Australian Wine Industry Technical Conference, Reed Exhibitions and the Wine Industry Suppliers Australia (WISA)

For information on WineTech 2007, visit http://www.wine.reedexhibitions.com.au

For information on AWITC, visit http://www.awitc.com.au

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