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Nadalie to introduce new Perle Blanche barrels at WineTech 07

Nadalie will introduce its new Perle Blanche barrels during WineTech — The Australian Wine Industry Trade Exhibition to be held in conjunction with the Australian Wine Industry Technical Conference at the Adelaide Convention & Exhibition Centre, from July 29 to August 1, 2007.

The key to the success of the Perle Blanche barrels is the innovative process that is used to create them. It all starts in the forests of France, where Jean-Jacques Nadalie selects 100-year-old oak trees, paying special attention to the oaks’ noble appearance, and the finesse and straightness of their grain.

In the yard, the staves to be used for the Perle Blanche selection receive special treatment. First, the staves undergo specific sequences of watering before being left to the vagaries of the sun and the wind so as to obtain ideal tannin over time. During manufacturing, the barrel is bent over a wood fire and then undergoes a unique process to prepare its aromatic finishing.

Lastly, during toasting, a new patented air-supply and humidity-control device confers upon each barrel its distinctive organoleptic characteristics. Barrels toasted in this extra-special long and gently way come in two types of finish:

• Fruity toast, where the fruit aromas are emphasised • Spicy toast, where the spicy aromas are highlighted Winemakers have described the wood as strict, mellowed, subtle, accompanying and enhancing the length of the aromas.

Nadalie will also display its Colbert barrel at WineTech 2007, along with its add-ins in French and American oak, which includes winewood, chips, dominos, tank staves, barrel chains, barrel inserts and powder.

Nadalie is a fifth generation cooperage from Ludon Medoc (Bordeaux, France) that was founded in 1902. The company currently has cooperages in France, USA and Chile.

Since 1969, Nadalie Australia has been supplying barrels to wineries all around Australia and New Zealand. The company aims to work locally with every winery to provide the best service possible, and currently supplies its products to more than 200 customers in Australia and New Zealand.

WineTech is presented by the Australian Wine Industry Technical Conference, Reed Exhibitions and the Wine Industry Suppliers Australia (WISA)

For information on WineTech 2007, visit http://www.wine.reedexhibitions.com.au

For information on AWITC, visit http://www.awitc.com.au

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