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$1 million expansion for The Vintage Wineworx

Leading contract winery, The Vintage Wineworx, has announced a $1 million expansion of its facilities at its winery in the Great Southern wine region of Western Australia.

The winery will add a 650m² shed and new bottling line to its current 950m² production facility, which will enable the winery to provide a complete service to its clients under one roof.

Scheduled for completion in July 2007, the project will be managed by award winning winemaker Dr Di Miller, who believes the extension is a natural progression in the development of the winery.

“The Vintage Wineworx expansion shows a proactive and forward thinking approach from the winery management and its shareholders,” Dr Miller said.

“This is a very exciting time for our clients as we will now have complete control from the vineyard to the bottle,” she said.

The Vintage Wineworx major shareholder, Terry Hogan, said the next two years will be a defining period in the history of the winery.

“With the investment of new equipment, the winery will now have the ‘whole package’ and can provide a boutique production service to complement the production of boutique wines,” he said.

“When it comes down to it, we can invest in new technology but you need the skills to turn good grapes into quality wine. A winery is only as good as its winemakers and we are lucky to have an extraordinary winemaking team,” Mr Hogan said.

The semi-automated bottling line is Italian made and consists of a rinser, filler, capper or corker, and in-line labeller. It can process 1200 bottles per hour and was selected due to its low oxygen pick up so the wines quality is maintained.

The new storage shed will be located ‘mirror image’ to the current building and will house the new bottling line. It will also provide a barrel storage area and enable the winery to have a finished ‘packaged’ wine storage area.

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