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Growcom congratulates Government on new Code

Peak horticulture organisation Growcom today congratulated the Federal Government on the launch of the new Horticulture Code of Conduct saying it would deliver Australia “a 21st century marketing system and a more level playing field.” Speaking at the launch in Canberra today, Chief Advocate Mark Panitz said the Code was the result of three years of planning and development in consultation with growers, wholesalers and government. “Everybody will be better off through easy to prepare contracts which define terms of trade between wholesalers and growers. “Both the wholesaler and grower will be better informed and any risk will be shared,” he said. Mr Panitz said that the introduction of the Code may have teething problems as years of loose hand shake business transactions firm up into real contracts. “The contracts are very easy to draw up. Business protection doesn’t take a lot of words, just the right ones. “But it is still change, and we want to help growers through this by providing accurate and simple advice on the Code. “The Code is mandatory not optional, and it requires wholesalers and growers to work together to finalise their contracts, from the beginning of next week. “We encourage growers not to delay in setting up contracts. “Putting a contract in place now, will better protect the crop that’s currently in the ground,” Mr Panitz said.

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