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Four good reasons to attend the China International Wine Expo 2007

According to marketing surveys the most important thing for an international winery looking to penetrate into a new market is to find local importers and distributors. As the organizers of the WineExpo2007 (30 May – 1 June, 2007) the China National Food Industry Association and China Promotion Ltd have worked hard to establish contacts with a wide range of distributors and importers from across China and bring them all to our event, ensuring that every winery which comes to the expo will have a great opportunity to meet and deal with these essential local partners.

Question: Why should I go to the expo?

Answer: China is the largest potential market for wine consumption in the world. The expo provides an excellent opportunity for you to expand your sales in the growing Chinese wine market. It is an opportunity that you should not miss as the current wine market in China is just beginning to take off. The WineExpo2007 in shanghai provides an excellent opportunity for you to see the Chinese market, experience the Chinese culture and explore your product potential in China . Approximately 200 hospitality units have been invited to attend the expo and have shown considerable interest in international wines. The wines in your country are well recognised in many international expos and food exhibitions. The expo provides an excellent opportunity for you to promote your wines and meet potential clients face to face and make potential sales. It's the first step you must take if you are serious about selling your wines in China.

Question: China is still a young market so it might be too early to go in.

Answer: The best time to act is now, not 3 months or 6 months down the track. If you are serious about getting your wines into the Chinese market then you should act now to explore your product potential in China. The timing of entry into the Chinese market is crucial. You must use the young market as your advantage because of less competition. It would be easier for you to market and promote your wines now than further down the track. As the market expands, the chance of you establishing your presence in China or even trying to build your reputation would be a lot harder because you will be competing with all other new entrants.

Question: If the expo provides such an excellent opportunity. Why only a limited number of wineries from your country?

Answer: We are focused on our services. We believe in quality not quantity. By inviting a limited number of wineries, we believe we can provide better services to each one of them. We want to distinguish ourselves from other expos where the participants are just a number and the potential buyers could not even remember which winery and how many wineries they have been talking to. We want to ensure that you are well looked after and not just attend another expo.

We believe educating the Chinese consumers (and wine merchants) and maintaining an ongoing support system for the purchasers are fundamental to success.

Question: If the expo does not guarantee any sales, then what's in it for me?

Answer: Although it is correct to say that the expo does not guarantee any sales, here is what you will get from the expo:

• Understand about what type of wine suits the Chinese market (i.e. whether any of your existing wines match the taste of Chinese people or even exploring the potential to tailor-make wines for the Chinese taste buds)

• Understand the Chinese culture and learn about the Chinese market

• Meet potential buyers face to face. Face-to-face impression is crucial to a successful sale.

• Have your wines registered and available for sale to any potential purchaser in China .

• Attracts publicity – it's a type of marketing strategy for your own reputation.

• Wineexpo2007 will put together a directory be handed out to the expo participants and visitors on the day of the expo which contains detailed information about each participating winery and wine varieties presented at the expo. This guide will also given to your potential buyers to market your wines.

• Access to various contacts in the Chinese hospitality industry.

• Launch your products with the Wineexpo2007 System (website, customer information database, delivery, contacts with the local authorities).

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