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The Wine Industry Directory celebrates 25 years

The Australian and New Zealand Wine Industry Directory has come a long way since its first release 25 years ago in 1983. What began as a small directory of 344 wine producers has now expanded to 2146 Australian wine producers and 480 New Zealand producers.

Based on the statistics from the Directory, all Australian States showed an increase in the number of producers listed, with South Australia showing the highest growth: • Victoria (628 total wine producers; 7.7% growth) • South Australia (563 total wine producers; 12.2% growth) • New South Wales and Australian Capital Territory (432 total wine producers; 0.9% growth) • Western Australia (332 total wine producers; 6.4% growth) • Queensland (109 total wine producers; 3.8% growth) • Tasmania (81 total wine producers; 5.2% growth).

Chardonnay remains the most widely planted white grape variety. Pinot Gris plantings have risen by 91%, with Sauvignon Blanc and Viognier showing considerable increases. Shiraz remains the most widely planted red grape planting with Meunier plantings increasing by 46%.

Domestic sales, including imported wines, grew 1.3% during 2005–06 to a record high of 458.2 million litres. On the export front, the volume of exported wine grew 8% to reach 757ML at a value of A$2.82 billion (FOB) with more than 50% of Australian wine producers exporting their products.

Foster’s Group finds itself at number one as Australia’s largest exporter of branded wine by value and volume, followed closely by the Hardy Wine Company. Nugan Estates proved to be one of the biggest movers on the export front, moving from unranked in value and volume in 2004 to number 13 in volume and number 16 in value in 2006.

The 2007 Directory now includes a read-only CD-ROM.

“For the past decade we have debated the merits of electronic publishing and its role with the Directory,” the Directory’s editor since 1997, Michael Major said. “Our goal has been to put the resources of the Directory always at your fingertips, whether it’s in a printed form, on the Web or on a CD-ROM. As information needs evolve and new media delivery methods are developed, we will constantly stay in tune so that the Wine Industry Directory is just as relevant and useful after 50 years as it is now.”

Esme Schultz, manager of Winetitles’ bookstore said Directory purchasers have given positive feedback about the introduction of the CD-ROM.

“Buyers are encouraged by the Directory now being in an electronic format. Sales for the 2007 Directory have also increased since last year’s edition,” Schultz said.

The Directory is available from Winetitles for A$123.20 in Australia, A$125 in New Zealand and A$147.50 overseas. (All prices include postage).

For details, contact Winetitles on telephone (08) 8292 0888; fax (08) 8293 4666, email , or order online at http://www.winebiz.com.au

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