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Applications open for Wine Press Club 2007 Fellowship grant

The Wine Press Club of NSW is seeking applications for the $7,500 biennial Fellowship grant. Potential recipients are invited to submit proposals for consideration by May 31, 2007.

First introduced in 1993, the Wine Press Club of NSW Fellowship is a study/research grant, the purpose of which is to promote a wider understanding of wine. It aims to enhance wine industry and consumer awareness by providing financial support for a particular project or activity.

Any individual or group working in the Australian wine industry or a related field is eligible to apply. Such fields include education, journalism, research, consulting, marketing, promotion, retailing, wholesaling, wine production or viticulture. Applications must be submitted in the form of a one thousand word synopsis outlining the proposed project. The Wine Press Club of New South Wales Committee carefully considers all applications on their merits and will choose the winning application on originality, vision and the project’s benefit to the Australian wine industry.

“The Wine Press Club is most interested in projects that will get people thinking and talking about wine. Whatever the project, it must have an outcome that will be of interest or use to the wine industry or wine drinking public. While we’re not looking for novelty for novelty’s sake, we are looking for a different way to do things, provoke thought or introduce people to the joys of wine,” says president of the Wine Press Club, Darren Jahn.

Previous recipients include current Fellow Max Allen, who is in the process of completing his book ‘Grog – a Social and Cultural History of Alcohol in Australia”, David Dunstan, Huon Hooke, Gary Crittenden, Jenny Stonier and Roz Howard who have all completed successful projects with the help of the Wine Press Club of NSW Fellowship.

For more information contact Melissa Parker on 0416 033 770 or on

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