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Tunnels provide ideal storage solution

What are the main problems you face when looking for somewhere suitable to store wine? Constant cool temperature? Enough space? Security? An Adelaide man has solved all those problems with a pair of decommissioned railway tunnels.

The heritage listed tunnels, which were built in 1880 and later decommissioned in 1920, were slowly being destroyed by vandals, but as they sit naturally at 16 degrees all year round, and with a constant humidity of 75% storage conditions for wine are perfect.

Dave Munro leased two tunnels from Transadelaide and opened for business in 1993, but initially worked only with small private clients. However as there are no running costs to maintain the temperature, storage rates are very competitive, and Munro is now offering wineries the chance to store larger volumes of wine. And there’s plenty of room: one tunnel stretches 170m, and the other 360m, both at 4.5m wide.

“It is not everyday people to get to walk through a train tunnel built in 1880!” says owner/operator Dave Munro. “The tunnels’ natural environment is ideal for wine, and the fact that we don’t have to use air conditioning means that it’s environmentally friendly. This gives our clients peace of mind that their wine is always is in ideal conditions. The tunnels are also vibration free, completely dark and very secure with CCTV, alarms and security monitoring. And as there is a house on location, clients also have the added benefit that we are not restricted to specific opening hours.”

“The Tunnels are very competitively priced because we’re not running air conditioning. We have plenty of space and as I’m the owner/operator I know they are always going to get great service! Prices for pallets of wine are going to be the lowest in Adelaide.”

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