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VineAccess enters new export market

Upon appointing Marlborough Business Resource as their New Zealand Representative, VineAccess has certainly hit the ground running in this new market. Their resident expert, Helene Marchant, Director of Marlborough Business Resource, knows the New Zealand market inside out. Having worked in all sectors, from vineyard to winery, she has developed expertise in a number of winery and vineyard management systems.

"When winery and vineyard staff are stretched due to vintage, or just a heavy workload, good information management relieves the burden," says Helene, "and that's certainly the case with VineAccess!"

VineAccess was developed with the idea that viticulture information should be recorded only once and, by using some smart technologies, it can be shared with others in the viticulture supply chain. It may sound simple, but there is a constant requirement to exchange of information, duplication and rework is rife — and so are administration costs!

"The amount of information that flows between the grower and the winery is phenomenal and VineAccess looks like a very clever and easy way to communicate with the winery at any time of the day or night. Not only that, but it can be a great record keeping system for your vineyard, recording all key vine information such as spray diaries, maintenance costs, work schedules, crop forecasting, vintage tonnages and booking of contractors. And its all done through the web so you can record the information anywhere and for a very reasonable annual subscription cost, “says Kevin Joyce, Commercial Manager from Tohu Wines — one of New Zealand's leading wine makers. "It looks like a must have to me."

Tohu Wines were amongst the delegates that attended the launch of VineAccess in New Zealand. The event was held on February 28 in Marlborough, the largest winegrowing region in the country — famous for that wonderful Sauvignon Blanc — and attracted both growers and winery operations staff from the largest to the smallest of companies.

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