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Barossa Wine Industry Plan to include growers & winemakers

After the resounding confirmation of the proposed Barossa Wine Industry Management Plan at the public meeting held on 30 January, a Working Group of grape growers and winemakers has been appointed for the next stage of this project.

The group, comprised of 4 grape growers and 4 winemakers, is meeting regularly in an effort to nut out the crucial details of the organizational plan.

Rob Gibson, a member of the Working Group, said, “Our job is to facilitate the next step of the operational plan. We are working on the development of a constitution, board, committees and voting structures to make sure the organization is as efficient and streamlined as possible. We want to ensure that voting processes, principles of equity and representation are being addressed with maximum care.

“The interests of the Barossa wine community are being carefully looked after,” Rob stressed. As with the first stage, growers and winemakers will be informed and consulted before the plans are implemented.

At the same time, Wine Barossa is looking toward the future, with the Marketing Committee working on promotional plans for the 07/08.

Allister Ashmead, chair of Wine Barossa, notes, “A primary focus of the Wine Industry Management Plan is to increase interest in Barossa wine. That translates to more demand for Barossa fruit and can only be good for everyone in the region.”

Charlie Melton, chair of the Wine Barossa Marketing Committee, is also optimistic. “We held two very successful workshops at the end of last year which focused on regional branding and marketing and now the committee has some fresh ideas to build on.”

The working group (grape growers James Rosenzweig, Chris Canute, John Hahn, Anne Moroney and winemaker representatives James Lindner, Scott Tolhurst, Robin Day, Rob Gibson) invite industry input into this vital development phase. Their contact details are available from Wine Barossa on 8563 0640 or contact Anne Moroney at the Barossa Light Development Board on 8563 3603.

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