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Barossa winery break-ins

After recent reports in the past week of wineries being broken into in the Barossa region, Martin Kennedy, operations senior sergeant from Barossa-Yorke LSA, has stressed the importance to all wineries to review their security policy.

1. Conduct a security review of your premises. While alarms are useful, locking your gates and making it difficult for these crooks to access your properties can reduce the likelihood of your becoming a target. Consider installing movement activated sensor lights as a minimum.

2. Ask staff and neighbours to report suspicious vehicles or persons immediately on the Police Attendance line of 131444. Where possible, note registration numbers, size and colour of vehicle and watch where they go.

3. If you record make, model and serial numbers it is easier for Police to recover items. In regard to most items below there was no record of the make, let alone a serial number. As a bonus, it is also easier dealing with Insurance Companies when property is recorded accurately.

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