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Blackwood visits Frankland for grape tour

Seventeen grape and wine producers from the Blackwood Valley toured the Frankland Wine Region last Friday 9th February to discuss vineyard and disease management issues. The group visited Quenby Viticulture Services (QVS) managed vineyard, RiverDale in Frankland and were shown around by QVS Viticulturalist Glen Harding before heading to Fern Grove winery to taste their range of wines and enjoy the views.

The tour, organised by the Blackwood Valley Wine Industry Association (BVWIA), was deemed a great success by all attending and provided a rare opportunity for growers to hear about the vine and disease management practices of a large Frankland Valley vineyard. Glen Harding led the tour through various blocks of the RiverDale Vineyard discussing issues such as botrytis and insect management as well as the importance of vine health and preventative, rather than curative, measures with respect to disease management.

BVWIA Vice President, Craig Nield thanked Glen Harding for his time, noting that it was interesting to see how different vineyards were dealing with the water shortages faced this year and managing different varieties and vine ages accordingly.

Mr Harding also emphasised the importance of monitoring for effective and efficient management of vineyards regardless of size, and spent time discussing questions of growers.

“The aim of the tour was to get growers together to share ideas and solutions from their own vineyards and to see how other regions manage similar issues. Everyone took something positive away from the day, whether it was new ideas and management practices or knowing that there is support within the network of other growers in the Blackwood and other regions.” Said Mr Nield.

The BVWIA is currently organising more workshops and field visits for members and welcomes anyone else interested to attend. The next workshop will focus on fruit flavours of grapes for harvest and will be held in the first or second week of March. Please contact the BVWIA on 9767 3030 for further information on any of the workshops or the Association.

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