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A golden opportunity to introduce your company & wine into China

Would you like your company and your wine to enter into a market with a population over 1.4 billion of people expected demand for wine will be 7 million tonnes in 2007 with annual wine consuming growth more than 36%?

The exclusive distributor of China International Wine Expo to be held in May, 2007, in Shanghai, China, is looking for Australian wineries to participate in the Expo.

As the organizers of the WineExpo2007, the China National Food Industry Association and China Promotion Ltd have worked hard to establish contacts with a wide range of distributors and importers from across China and bring them all to the event, ensuring that every winery which comes to the expo will have a great opportunity to meet and deal with these essential local partners.

For more information go to http://www.chinawine-expo.com

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