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Non artificial chemical weed control

As part of the EH Graham Centre seminar series, Dr Leslie Weston from Cornell University, USA will deliver a seminar about Allelopathy, using the natural defences of plants to beat weed infestation. The seminar will be held on Wednesday 14 February at 12:00 pm in the Agricultural Institute Conference Room, Pugsley Place, at the Charles Sturt University (CSU) Wagga Wagga Campus.

Dr Weston is a leading agriculture scientists seeking to utilise non-chemical methods for weed control. She is now looking at weed suppression in turf grasses and ornamentals and has a strong interest, as well, in wine where her research interests have led to the study of resveratrol, a natural fungicide produced by grape plants which also lowers incidence of arteriosclerosis in consumers of grape products.

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