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Australia Day Wine of the Year

Jansz Tasmania Premium Vintage Cuvée 2002 has received the National Australia Day Council Perpetual Trophy for "Australia Day Wine of the Year" Best Australian Sparkling Wine, Apéritif Style, 2007.

Having received this much-coveted Trophy in 2004 and 2005, a third award in four years is a testament to the devotion to the art of sparkling winemaking. At Jansz Tasmania they subscribe to the philosophy of Méthode Tasmanoise — combining a strong appreciation of the past and traditional Méthode Champenoise style, with a contemporary approach to create the pre-eminent New World Sparkling Wine.

"Before we arrived at veraison we were feeling quite apprehensive to see such a reduction in yield compared to previous vintages in the Jansz Vineyard. But it was when I started to taste the flavours that I knew we were in for something special", says Jansz Tasmania Winemaker Natalie Fryar. "We really began to see the possibilities of what we could do from this vintage as soon as the fruit started to ripen on the vines. This was also the moment that defined our decision to make and release our inaugural Jansz Tasmania Vintage Rosé 2002, to be released in the UK later this year."

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