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A shining star in the battle against high alcohol

One of the Australian wine industry’s most respected winery technology providers has joined forces with a leading membrane separation system designer to change the way winemakers manage high alcohol wines.

Memstar Pty Ltd is the new venture of long-term industry leaders Wine Network Technology and Blue H2O Filtration. The new company was officially launched in November and is the brainchild of well known industry innovator David Wollan who has been joined by membrane technology expert Wayne Shub.

Based in Melbourne and servicing winery clients all over the country, Memstar Pty Ltd is leading the world with its groundbreaking new wine membrane technology that reduces alcohol levels and maintains or improves the wine’s original character.

“We want to tell the true story about reverse osmosis and explain that Memstar’s membrane technology is like no other.” says David Wollan, Director of Memstar.

“Our technology enables winemakers to reduce alcohol without removing any other components, on their own site, in one step, with precise control at a low cost. Ultimately, optimising the wine’s composition and making the wine more marketable,” David says.

With a notable increase in alcohol levels in wine over the last two decades – a factor David believes may have as much to do with viticulture and winemaking as marketing trends – the new technology has been in high demand.

“The winemakers we have worked with are positive that our technology can reduce alcohol without sacrificing flavour, ” David says. “It provides them with a new level of control.”

Managing Director, Wayne Shub, also adds that “the Memstar technology is mobile and accessible and fits in well with current winemaking processes and facilities. We are aiming to make the wide spread adoption of this technology as user friendly as possible. “We offer our clients a flexible fee-for-service contract where our operators take our plant to their winery to treat their wines. Because of the high efficiency of the system, we can meet most clients’ requirements with a few days work. For larger wineries with greater needs, longer term rental or outright purchase options are also offered.”

Memstar’s full suite of wine membrane technology uses a complete range of reverse osmosis techniques, enabling not only alcohol adjustment but also wine and juice concentration, volatile acidity reduction, and even wine taint removal.

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