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Winery automation a reality with VINx2 Winery Software

VINx2 is the glue used integrate touch screens and weigh scales to streamline fruit arrival using pre-allocated bar-coded labels. “We love the fact that we can get real time weighbridge data”, said Chris Darling of Rapaura. Vintners in New Zealand. After the fruit is weighed an email and SMS are automatically sent to growers and vineyard managers with information about that load and a harvest summary to date.

The automation doesn’t stop at the weighbridge, however. Interfaces are available for VinWizard and TankNET that automatically record temperature and sugar values while synchronizing lot/batch information as the wines are moved saving costly double entry between the systems.

The lab also benefits from the ability to generate bar-coded labels for lab sample requests as well as being able to import data generated from lab equipment like the WineScan, OenoFoss or Konelab machines. Keeping a central repository of analysis data is now a reality.


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