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A new look for state wine show

The Victorian Wines Show has commissioned one of Australia’s leading graphic arts studios to design a new image for the states wine show.

Max Robinson art director of MaxCreative in Melbourne well known for his award winning Wine Press Club of Victoria Trophy and Australian currency; the ten dollar note, has presented a modern and engaging image of wine that clearly identifies the industry’s leading edge technology and winemaking tradition.

The modern image depicts a colourful wine swirl interpreted from an aerial aspect of wine in a glass or wine vat and complements the vibrant and progressive nature of the Victorian wine industry and it’s people. The new image and its precise wording clearly identify itself as distinct and positive and to be easily recognised by consumers in both Australian and export markets.

The exhibitors, media and public wine tasting of over 1300 show wines will be open from 10.00am to 2.00pm Saturday 28 October in the Broadford Leisure Centre, Pinniger Street, Broadford. Strategically placed signage incorporating the new logo will direct visitors to the venue.

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