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Insights into ageing UK consumer at Wine Marketing Conference

The biggest trend for Australian producers to be aware of in the UK is the ageing wine drinking population.

That’s according to Lulie Halstead, research director for UK-based Wine Intelligence and keynote speaker at the Fourth ANZ Australian Wine Marketing Conference being held in Adelaide, South Australia on 1–2 August.

Small to medium wineries currently facing challenges in Australia’s largest export markets such as the UK can find practical solutions on offer at the conference, themed ‘Navigating Your Route To Market’.

Lulie will present the latest consumer research from the UK in her session “Reaching the Consumer – Are we making it easy enough to trade up?”

“More wine will be drunk by more people over the age of 45+ than ever before by 2015. This segment will account for two thirds of all wine consumed in the UK. Getting it ‘right’ for these consumers is more important than ever before,” she said.

According to Lulie, the key to getting it ‘right’ is to understand consumers’ motivations for buying wine. “Wine producers need to spend a bit less time with their tanks and bottling lines and more time in supermarket aisles, pubs and bars, listening and learning how their product is actually used,” she said.

Organising committee chairman, Paul van der Lee said the conference was now more relevant than ever as the industry faced the toughest market conditions of the last decade.

“The 2005 conference has been designed to offer expert solutions to producers seeking opportunities in emerging markets as well as those seeking a new approach to survive in existing markets such as the UK and the US,” he said.

Lulie Halstead is one of 25 experts from around the world who will present at the conference, which will be moderated by one of the UK’s most respected wine journalist/authors, Matthew Jukes.

Registrations for the conference can be made online at: https://registrations.fuller.com.au. For more information visit http://www.awbc.com.au/awmc/05/registration/.

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