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AWBC tribute to Maurice de Rohan AO OBE

The Australian Wine and Brandy Corporation joins many others in paying tribute to Maurice de Rohan, South Australia’s Agent General in London, who died last week from cancer at the age of 70.

Sam Tolley, Chief Executive of the Corporation, said Mr de Rohan was an energetic and tireless supporter of the South Australian wine industry and deserves acknowledgement for his contribution in raising the profile of South Australia – and the entire nation — in the UK, Australia’s largest wine export market.

“In his time as Agent General since 1998, Mr de Rohan presided over countless official functions and was always keen for South Australian wine to be showcased to invited dignitaries and business leaders,” said Mr Tolley.

“Maurice played an important role in the presentation of Australian wine to the UK. He will be remembered as a person of great character and as an impeccable host.”

Mr Tolley said that Australian wine exports to the UK have grown significantly in the past eight years. In 1998, Australian wine exports to the UK were worth $A395 million. The latest AWBC figures for the 12 months to September 2006 show wine exports to the UK have surged to $A946 million.

Mr Tolley said Mr de Rohan’s recent appointment as Government-elect of South Australia (to take effect from August 2007) was a clear confirmation of Mr de Rohan’s leadership qualities and enduring passion for all things South Australian.

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