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Applying Biodynamics – a one day workshop

Learn how biodynamics can improve and enhance soil fertility, animal health and farm profitability. Outcomes of the May biodynamic workshop held at Greenbanks Farms will be examined and practices reviewed. All farmers, land managers, producers and their management team are encouraged to register for this innovative and practical workshop being presented by biodynamic educator Hamish Mackay on Nic & Alexi Kentish’ 2000 ha Greenbanks Farms, Mt. Gambier, South Australia on Wednesday 27th September.

Biodynamics is a cost effective, farmer oriented, regenerative approach to quality production agriculture. The biodynamic preparations create and support many changes in the soil and crop, improving plant access to elements in the soil. Biodynamic farmers notice major improvements in soil structure, development of deeper top soil with deeper and more vigorous rooting; growing disease resistant crops and healthy livestock. Increased humus improves water holding capacity and drought tolerance.

Practical aspects of adopting biodynamics will be addressed, demonstrating that biodynamics is both easy to implement and viable. Participants will learn to make simple farm fertility mixtures, such as fermented manure concentrate and liquid seaweed fertilisers. Spray applications for the biodynamic soil and atmospheric sprays will be demonstrated and results to date inspected. The workshop will also include an introduction to climate risk management skills.

The workshop will be held on Wednesday 27th September from 9.00am to 5.00pm. The cost, inclusive of GST, morning/afternoon teas is $137.50, bring lunch and a chair.

For further information and bookings please contact Biodynamic Agriculture Australia on 02 66550566 or email: . More details on the Biodynamic Agriculture Australia website www.biodynamics.net.au

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