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Outstanding attendance at ASVO seminar

Over 350 wine industry personnel attended the ASVO’s annual viticulture seminar in Mildura today. Brilliant sunshine greeted the 300 attendees as they arrived for the seminar entitled ‘Finishing the Job’ Optimal ripening of Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz’. Elsewhere around the country over 60 additional viticulturists and oenologist attended regional video conferencing sites at Margaret River, WA and Applethorpe in Queensland to participate in the days events.

With seats scarce as latecomers hurried in, the day began with a focus on the ripening process from veraison to harvest. Presenters included Steve Tyerman and Renata Ristic from the University of Adelaide and Simon Robinson from the CSIRO. Following morning tea attention turned to the Shiraz grapes and the effects of irrigation and canopy management on shiraz production.

The highlight of the afternoon session was a presentation by keynote speaker Professor Mark Matthews, who had quite literally just arrived from the University of California, Davis, USA, Entitled, “The importance of being small”, Mark’s paper discussed the relationship between berry size, yield and wine quality.

All of the major wineries were represented, together with many from smaller operations.

Chris Dundon, ASVO President stated that he was excited to see so many prominent winemakers among the registrants, while Chair of the Australian Journal of Grape & Wine Research, Richard Hamilton noted the high number of young, capable females.

At a time when many in the industry are struggling it is encouraging to achieve near record attendances at a Viticulture seminar. Then again, knowledge gleaned today can only assist in the struggle to maintain ones competitive advantage in an industry where innovation and research have long played such an important role. The ASVO is committed to providing such forums for the promulgation and sharing of research and developments which will assist both the industry, and in turn its members, to survive and indeed thrive in the years to come.

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