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Sydney Morning Herald Good Living Wine Show

The Sydney Morning Herald and Good Living are pleased to announce the launch of the inaugural The Sydney Morning Herald Good Living Wine Show. To be held in the Royal Hall of Industries, Moore Park, on Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th of October. The event will be held during The Sydney Morning Herald Good Food Month, October, and will coincide with the launch of the Good Food Guide.

In 2006 the show will have a fresh approach by creating a stimulating lifestyle event that is consumer driven, penetrates the market and has a high emphasis on wine sales for all involved.

Wine partner for the event, Kemenys, is one of Sydney favourite wine and spirit retailers, who specialise in both local and imported wines. Over the past two years The Sydney Morning Herald has developed a loyal following of wine lovers and connoisseurs via The Sydney Morning Herald Wine Service. Through The Sydney Morning Herald Wine Service each producer will be asked to offer select deal aimed at maximising sales for each visitor over the weekend.

Research has shown that the majority of existing wine shows are highly trade or food focused and are not focused at achieving sales directly to consumers. The Sydney Morning Herald is bringing the wine industry and its consumers a new style of wine show, with a premium delivery by Australia’s most trusted media company with an aim to create the biggest wine event over the coming years.

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