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Japan and Taiwan develops similar tastes for Aussie food and Beverages

The increasing popularity of high end supermarkets coupled with food service industry demand in Japan and Taiwan is opening up export opportunities for Australian businesses and prompting Austrade to hold Australia-wide seminars.

Austrade’s Osaka-based Senior Trade Commissioner, Michael Clifton said as far as Japan is concerned export opportunities are growing as mid-to-high end supermarkets fuel demand for innovative and niche products.

”There’s a fast-paced retail culture with rapid product turnover in Japan where an economic revival is well underway,” Mr Clifton said. “Japan has strong GDP growth of two-to-three per cent and rising consumer confidence, which is often described as a consumer led recovery.”

Austrade’s Taiwan-based Senior Trade Commissioner, Jeff Turner said the latest figures show Taiwan’s food retail market grew by 4.3 per cent to reach a value of $24.3 billion.

To register for Austrade’s Japan and Taiwan Food & Beverage seminars visit www.austradeevents.com.au/japantaiwan2. The free seminars will feature an update on business conditions, market trends and business opportunities in Japan and Taiwan. Participants are encouraged to bring along their products for assessment by Austrade specialists.

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