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3625 – all getting the Daily Wine News

Daily Wine News welcomed its 3625th subscriber last week to our Daily News Service.

Since launching the service in July 2005, the trend has been solidly upward with new subscribers opting-in to receive their fix of Daily Wine News.

In six months from December 2005, more than 465 new subscribers have opted-in to the free news service.

Winetitles works with partnership agreements through Wine Communications Group, America, and TizWine in New Zealand to source up to date news stories from America and New Zealand, as well as through scanning news headlines from other information sources across the globe.

Subscribing to Daily Wine News is easy, simply visit www.winebiz.com.au and follow the prompts to register your email address with Daily Wine News. If you like the service – tell your friends and colleagues about Daily Wine News.

Many industry suppliers are finding Daily Wine News an immediate, convenient and effective medium for advertising. Winetitles sales team will be very pleased to provide interested suppliers with more information. Contact or for more information.

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