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New Zealand bottling lines under the microscope

Provisor Pty. Ltd. has successfully secured a research grant award from the Winery Engineering Association to evaluate the efficiency of bottling lines in New Zealand. The focus of this evaluation will be to scope out the potential benefits of adopting lean manufacturing techniques in bottling operations.

This area of winemaking was identified due to the perceived inefficiencies in bottling practices and the potential ease with which these benefits could be realised. The evaluation will include visits to key bottling practices in New Zealand and discussion with industry contacts by Neil Scrimgeour, Provisor’s senior process scientist. Scrimgeour has extensive experience with operational excellence within the pharmaceutical industry and especially in the use of lean manufacturing techniques.

Provisor has recently carried out a preliminary benchmarking study of selected bottling practices in South Australia to scope out the potential benefits of adopting lean manufacturing techniques. It is anticipated this independent study will provide key information that wineries can use to make improvements to their operations. According to Scrimgeour, this will help to enable wine producers to realise the true benefits of being lean.

“As a result of this evaluation, we hope that wineries will be able to find a cost-effective route to lower production costs, fewer wine losses and higher operating efficiencies. I expect an overview of the operational efficiencies on both sides of the Tasman will highlight relative performance proficiencies and scope for improvements,” Scrimgeour said.

Outcomes from the evaluation in New Zealand will be highlighted in a forthcoming issue of the Winery Engineering Association newsletter and will be presented by Scrimgeour at next year’s WEA conference in Mildura.

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