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American Wine Business Monthly (WBM) 2006 Closure Report

In the recent American Wine Business Monthly (WBM) 2006 Closure Report, results showed that natural corks remain the most popular and frequently used closure. Throughout the 14 questions relating to purchasing, perceptions and usage of closures, it was discovered that while synthetic closures and technical corks remain the most widely used alternatives, screw caps continue to increase in usage with a 21% rise since 2002.

This was the first time WBM asked about oxygen transmission through the closure into the bottle, with 56% of the people surveyed viewed that it was important to very important to ‘in-bottle wine development is the oxygen that enters through the closure’. Another 56% stated it was important when choosing between types of closures for wine that ‘there is consistency in the amount of oxygen transmitted into the bottle’.

Two thirds of respondents believe in matching winemaking process to the intended closure with the large wineries feeling most strongly about this.

Natural cork rated highest oxygen transmission closure, while the screw cap rated highest for preventing unwanted oxidation but was not rated any higher for preventing unwanted reduction than other closures.

The results also showed that while larger wineries decreased its use of technical closure and increasing the use of other closures, they use greater percentages of all closure types. The small wineries still favour cork closures, but this has decreased slightly in the past few years and mid-sized wineries have decided to try screw caps much more this year. The report also indicated that alternative closures are used more with white wines than red.

According to the price perspective, screw caps are used most for wines priced between US$7 and US$10 but are being considered for wines over US$25.

For more details information about the report go to www.winebusiness.com.

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