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Vineyard and orchard spraying handbook for Australia and New Zealand

The South Australian Research and Development Institute (SARDI) has released a new book on orchard and vineyard spraying, authored by Geoff Furness, SARDI senior research scientist based at the Loxton Research Centre.

This comprehensive book has been produced to help growers, chemical resellers, the agricultural chemical industry, consultants, educators and regulators manage or promote the following changes:

· Chemical rates per hectare are being removed from pesticide labels for fruit trees and grapevines in Australia following the implementation of the new label format by the APVMA and the agricultural chemical industry.

· The need to match chemical rates and spray volumes to canopy size and density (to improve dose consistency on foliage).

· To promote a change from area based to distance based calibration, which is seen as essential if we are to have a simple technique to help match chemical rates and spray volumes to canopy size and density, and also to sprayer type.

More effective and more cost efficient application of chemicals is essential for continued profitable production of high quality fruit and nuts. It is also important to minimise chemical residues on produce and the amount of chemical ending up off target on soil, drainage and run off water and as spray drift. This new book addresses these needs.

Special features of the book include:

· Distance based calibration · Getting the best out of your sprayer · Droplet Rating Chart technique to estimate impacted dose and spray coverage

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