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Adelaide Plains alternatives

The Adelaide Plains have been taking a different approach in seeking alternatives for the ‘great Australian winegrape surplus’.

The Virginia Horticulture Centre, the horticulture and viticulture industry for the Adelaide Plains have been researching the viability of various alternative products using grape juice or grape bi-products, with exciting results.

The initiative, with initial funding provided Federally through the Sustainable Regions Project (DoTars – Dept of Transport, Regional Services), began in December 05. The initiative, which has included product reviews, market overviews and a regional capability assessment. Along side of this identifying manufacturers in the region, bottling plants, supply chain costs and the production process for the various products identified has lead to significant business opportunities for grape growers on the Adelaide Plains.

Products including bulk grape juice, marinades, sparkling grape juice, food service cooking wine, and vinegars were all identified, with only a few products found to be viable for the region’s needs.

“There are definitely areas within the food service industry and current cellar door opportunities we have identified as go aheads. The research has been exciting as several options are available to our growers depending on their capability and market outlets” says Victoria Andrew, Group Operations Manager – Post Harvest.

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