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Australian Viticulture appointed official journal of WGGA

Australian Viticulture is dedicated to communicating news and information to the winegrape industry about the work of the new national body representing the interests of winegrape growers, Wine Grape Growers Australia (WGGA).

The formation of the new national body, which will now speak with one voice to Government and all industry stakeholders, can only be seen as an overwhelming positive for the winegrape industry.

To formalise the magazine’s commitment to building the aims and goals of the WGGA as it works to ensure better outcomes for grapegrowers in the winegrape industry, Australian Viticulture and the WGGA have reached an agreement endorsing Australian Viticulture as the ‘official’ journal of Wine Grape Growers Australia.

“Australian Viticulture is the largest circulating specialist viticulture magazine in Australia with subscription reach to more than 3000 grapegrowers,” said Winetitles publisher, Hartley Higgins.

“Australian Viticulture was the official journal of the former national body, Winegrape Growers Council of Australia Inc and as the publisher of Australian Viticulture, Winetitles has always supported the need for a united voice representing grapegrowers at a national level.”

WGGA executive director, Mark McKenzie, said that the WGGA was pleased to confirm the status of Australian Viticulture as the group’s official publication, believing the arrangement would ensure the majority of Australian grapegrowers and viticulturists would receive news about activities of the new grower body.

“We now have a premier relationship with Australia’s leading practical grapegrowing magazine to deliver our news, views and communicate on issues that growers feel so strongly about,” Mark said.

“We can communicate to the industry in a way that will inform and educate growers and let growers know what their industry body is doing to assist them through these current tough times and in the better days that lie ahead.”

From July 2006, Australian Viticulture will introduce the WGGA official newsletter which the magazine’s journalists will help write and produce. WGGA members will also be able to access generous advantages on subscriptions to Australian Viticulture as part of their membership benefits.

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