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Supreme Corq's new oxygen barrier closure

Supreme Corq LLC is pleased to announce the introduction of an enhanced oxygen barrier closure, the "SupremeCorq X2." The "X2" is engineered to significantly reduce oxygen permeability through dramatic improvement of the internal and external appearance of the closure.

The new SupremeCorq X2 has twice the oxygen barrier properties of the current SupremeCorq providing superior long-term sealing potential and neutrality.

Based on (MOCON) oxygen transmission testing conducted by independent laboratory Impact Analytical, the rate of oxygen permeation through the SupremeCorq X2 is approximately one-half of the measured rate of the SupremeCorq Original. The X2 also provides a consistent hence predictable superior seal to that of high grade / high cost tree bark cork as well as competitive synthetic offerings.

The SupremeCorq X2 has a uniform internal cell structure and consistent external dimensions. This improves not only oxygen barrier properties but also bottling line performance and ease of consumer interaction (closure extraction, removal from the corkscrew auger, and bottle reinsertion).

The SupremeCorq X2 looks and feels more like natural cork. The "X2" is available in any color and also a new wood-grained print option.

For complete details of how the SupremeCorq X2 can better meet your closure needs, please contact your local SupremeCORQ Sales Professional.

Supreme Corq is the largest global producer of premium injection-molded closures as well as the only simultaneously accredited BRC, AIB, and ISO 9001:2000 certified synthetic closure supplier; serving over 1600 customers in 40 countries.

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