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Climate change, carbon and plants briefing

The Cooperative Research Centre for Greenhouse Accounting is holding briefings on 'climate change, carbon and plants' next month, bringing all the latest information on how climate change will affect plants, the implications for industry, and how we might adapt.

Designed for people working in agriculture, natural resource management, horticulture, viticulture, botany, forestry, ecology, policy development, local government, consulting, finance and insurance, the briefing will consider:

· how plants will respond to more carbon dioxide

· how to improve agricultural productivity while reducing methane;

· carbon trading;

· how to manage soil carbon;

· simple rules for estimating carbon pools;

· land management practices, land use change;

· how climate change will affect water availability; and

· implications for plant-based endeavors.

For more information and to register online, please visit http://www.greenhouse.crc.org.au or contact Christine Aberdeen on 02 6125 4020.

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