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We’re looking for good ideas: time running out for 2006 WorkSafe Awards

With a little over two weeks before nominations for the 2006 WorkSafe Awards close (12 May) WorkSafe is calling on employers and employees for whom safety matters to enter.

“Despite a tragic week in which five people have died in Victorian workplaces we know that most people in most workplaces are ‘having a go’ at getting safety issues right,” WorkSafe’s Executive Director, John Merritt said.

“It’s weeks like this that the opportunity to share success stories can have real impact,” Mr Merritt said.

“WorkSafe’s experience developing safety solutions across WorkSafe’s areas of interest shows us that ways of dealing with problems can often be easily transferred to a totally different industry.

“Dealing with manual handling problems, storage, managing risk in general and getting the entire workforce involved in dealing with safety issues means everyone wins from the head of the company to the most recent or inexperienced employee.”

“For them, having a safe workplace and high standards is built into their way of working and it’s part of their culture. Entering the awards will help spread good ideas across the community.

“Many people don’t realise how good a job they’re doing, but we’re keen to find out how they’re approaching problems so others can learn from them.

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