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Kate Hall now in the Kitchen

What do you do when a much loved chef opts for a change and leaves your much loved Yarra Valley winery restaurant? Find a new chef to love, of course.

And at Shantell Vineyard, Kate Hall is that chef.

With a resumé that includes The Melbourne Oyster Bar, Glencoe, Nine Darling Street and Chateau Yering, and with five years experience successfully running her own restaurant, Calendula, Kate has the goods to impress.

Last year Kate decided to lease out her restaurant, keen to once again work within a team environment. She bided her time, looking to find the right fit for her style, not just food-wise but also with the right people. Having happily filled in at Shantell for short stints previously, Kate had no doubts about it being the right place for her, and for their part, Shantell owners Turid and Shan Shanmugam haven’t stopped smiling either.

But the biggest smiles are coming from the tables in the restaurant. Shantell has always had a loyal following with many regulars feeling like part of the family. Turid and Shan knew that when appointing a new chef, as with family, feedback would be clear and to the point.

The feedback is; “Kate’s food is sensational!”

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