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Aussie cork technology makes international debut at TESCO

The first wine made, bottled and sealed in Europe with revolutionary Australian technology ProCork has made its international debut on the shelves of leading UK retailer TESCO for the first time this week.

The decision by Italian producer Terrepicene to use ProCork in its Castellama brand will give wine drinkers natural cork with more confidence than ever that the flavour of the wine has not been affected by the shortcomings of traditional cork closures.

The Castellama wines available under ProCork hit the shelves of TESCO stores this week and the wine maker used necktags to explain the benefits of ProCork to its customers.

The major milestone was achieved just three months after the completion of a major capital raising to fund global expansion on the back of ProCork’s stunning success in the Australian market.

While some of Australia’s most well-known wines in the UK market have been under ProCork for nearly a year, the Castellama promotion is the first time ProCork has appeared on wine made and bottled in Europe.

ProCork’s technology revolves around the thin membranes that are applied to each end of the cork and designed to significantly reduce flavour modification by reducing the amount of taint entering the wine, controlling the passage of oxygen through the cork and retaining cork moisture to prevent breakage.

ProCork Executive Director Archie Monteiro said the Castellama brand was well positioned to launch its public promotion of ProCork to wine consumers in Europe.

ProCork hopes to mirror its Australian success where it has gone from its launch in late 2004 to more than 30 million sales in some of Australia’s leading wine brands.

The company has forward orders for a further 2.8 per cent of the Australian market with projections to gain around 10 per cent of the Australian market in the next 12 months.



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