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Melania Chilean Wines Opens Midwest

Melania Chilean Wines has begun its westward expansion into the Midwest through a distribution agreement with Gold Medal Marketing. Gold Medal Marketing will distribute Melania wines exclusively throughout the state of Oklahoma. Melania Wines are produced in Chile and are available in an assortment of varietals. The well-respected wines are created in Chile's Maule Valley, known for its rich and bountiful earth, which yields exceptional wines, vintage after vintage.

Melania Wines have created an excellent stable of uniquely styled Merlots, Cabernet Sauvignons and Chardonnays that are enjoyed by wine drinkers not only because of their taste but affordability.

Melania Wines have also received high praise for their innovative and vibrant label and received a Silver Medal in design. Melania and Taborga wines were introduced into the United States by C & C Imports, LLC in December 2005 and are in wide distribution currently in Florida and are in high demand in Miami's trendy South Beach district. Melania Wines will be available in Oklahoma stores and restaurants before Memorial Day Weekend. Their varietals offer newcomers an introduction to the nuances of each varieties best characteristic while keeping the prices well under the $10 range.

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