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McLaren Vale viticulture industry to save 50,000 litres of water a year

The McLaren Vale Grape Wine and Tourism Association (GWTA) has been awarded a $24,000 Community Water Grant to implement a project that will save up to 50,000 litres of water used for viticulture each year.

The project involves developing the McLaren Vale GWTA visitor centre vineyard into a water efficient model for the region, showcasing relevant technology to others in the viticulture industry.

McLaren Vale growers are renowned for being leaders in water efficiency, using only 1.1 mega litres of water per hectare per year or less.

McLaren Vale GWTA Viticulture Officer Lucy Hyde said this project would be an extension exercise aimed at saving even more water in vineyards across the region.

“There is so much new water efficient technology emerging we thought it would be worthwhile setting up a vineyard in the region that could demonstrate new technologies and techniques to growers so they can apply them to their own properties,” Lucy said.

“The visitor centre vineyard will provide a mechanism for delivering information to growers as new technology and techniques become available.”

The McLaren Vale GWTA will run workshops to show growers how to set up water efficient technology on their own properties, the problems they may encounter and how they can be managed.

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