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Spray Safe with New Holland

Rural Australia may be able to boast fresh clean air but that doesn’t necessarily mean it is danger free. Agricultural spraying programs use a whole range of potentially dangerous chemicals and farmers need to take special precautions to protect themselves. Several models of New Holland tractor – especially those suited to the high level of spraying required in orchard and vineyard markets – have been designed to provide the operator with a safer working environment. In particular, the recently launched TNF-A, TNV-A, TND-A and TNS-A tractors feature the new Blue cab. The Blue cab ensures excellent visibility and comfort but more than this, it provides enhanced safety for working with chemicals. The Blue cab’s tight sealing and pressurisation keeps airborne nuisances away from operators while the cab’s design ensures visibility is not compromised. The system features larger external and internal recirculation carbon air filters to clean air entering the cab. This is also matched with a new high performance thermostatically controlled air-conditioning system fitted as standard. Although the New Holland Blue cab provides enhanced protection when operating with chemicals, New Holland recommends the use of breathing apparatus. The cab’s carbon filters must be changed at recommended intervals to maximise protection.

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