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Australians give cork stoppers the green thumbs-up

APCOR Australia, the Australian arm of the Portuguese Cork Association, today launched its environmentally-themed marketing campaign, appealing to socially-conscious shoppers to “check the neck” for cork stoppers when they purchase wine.

Responsible for promoting the Portuguese cork industry locally, APCOR Australia’s campaign draws on consumer awareness of anti-plastic bag initiatives, “if you say no to plastic bags, say yes to cork”, and informs wine consumers of cork’s natural qualities and benefits to the environment.

Before launching its latest campaign, APCOR Australia initiated focus group research in Sydney and Melbourne to obtain a local understanding of consumer wine habits and preferences and their knowledge of cork.

APCOR Australia Chair, Kym Wilsdon, said they knew consumers globally preferred wine sealed with cork from a 2004 survey conducted by Wine Intelligence, a specialist wine industry market research company.

“Interestingly, when our focus group participants understood cork’s ‘green’ credentials, this preference for cork was increased,” said Mr Wilsdon.

“We were very surprised to learn that many of the participants thought trees were cut down to make cork stoppers for the wine industry. In actuality, the Cork Oak is a completely renewable resource with the tree’s outer bark stripped every nine years for cork production,” said Mr Wilsdon.

In addition to its intrinsic environmental qualities, Cork Oak trees protect the land against soil erosion, regulate the climate through carbon dioxide absorption, and provide home to a vast array of birdlife.

“Cork comes from a sustainable resource, it can be recycled to make a range of household and sporting products and, unlike other stoppers, it’s biodegradable. No other natural or man-made material can replicate cork’s environmental properties. It is truly unique,” Mr Wilsdon said.

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