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Hale a good red

Red wine drinkers, rejoice, wrote Tony Love in The Advertiser on 15 February 2006. You’re healthier than white-wine lovers. And much healthier than those beer-swilling, spirit skolling types.

The revealing details about the benefits of a couple of glasses of red wine a day have been gathered for a book published by the Australian Wine Research Institute to commemorate its first 50 years’ contribution to the wine industry.

After continuous research studies into wine consumption, its health effects and distilling findings from around the world, AWRI clinical pharmacologist Creina Stockley says wine drinkers tend to live healthier lifestyles, are better educated about health and diet issues and most likely eat better as well.

Ms Stockley’s findings, in collaboration with former AWRI managing director Peter Hoj, have been outlined in her paper ‘Better Wine for Better Health – Fact of Fiction’ in commemorative book ‘Advances in Wine Science’ published by the institute.

Further information about the book and Ms Stockley’s research can be obtained by calling Rae Blair, AWRI manager of communication and information services on (08) 8303 6600.

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