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Australia’s premier wine industry publishers lead wine media into cyber future

Australia’s leading wine industry publishers, Winetitles and Ryan Publications, begin an exciting new phase in wine business communication this week when the companies launched two new electronic publishing interests at WineTech 2005 in Adelaide last week.

Daily Wine News is the company’s new wine business enewsletter, formed following the purchase of Winepages electronic newsletter. Daily Wine News will continue to partner with New Zealand-based TizWine for its industry enews service in the future.

In addition, Winetitles and Ryan Publications launched their new internet portal, Winebiz, also at WineTech 2005. The new electronic publishing strategies are the result of planning, acquisitions and development in recent years, as Winetitles and Ryan Publications sought to further extend their information services and offerings to the wine industry.

Utilising the expertise of independent website media consultant, Michael Major of Adelaide-based Michael Major Media, the companies will combine quality electronic publishing opportunities which will complement and integrate across their existing print publishing interests.

“Both Winetitles and Ryan Publications have flagship magazine, book and directory products, recognised as market-leading publications across all facets of the wine industry in Australia and New Zealand,” said company managing director, Hartley Higgins.

“Extending our print publishing products with the creation of the portal Winebiz, and enewsletter Daily Wine News offers our companies greater reach, speed and flexibility in communicating news to the wine industry.

“We see these new developments as a means of ensuring even better wine business and research news coverage and dissemination of information for subscribers.

“However, we also see the broadening of our publishing interests into electronic media as offering even better value to wine industry suppliers seeking to fully integrate their marketing activities targeting the wine industry.”

Daily Wine News is a free daily enewsletter which will be forwarded to 9000 subscribers in the week of its launch at WineTech. During a two-week trial period subscribers will be invited to “opt-in” to the free newsletter to continue receiving Daily Wine News.

Daily Wine News offers a snapshot of wine business, research and marketing content gleaned from international wine media sources, with an improved focus on Australian news and content. Editorial content will be uploaded daily and managed from the Winetitles and Ryan Publications Adelaide head office.

Meanwhile, Winebiz is destined to quickly become the wine industry’s leading portal website. Winebiz will offer a searchable database of wine industry news links, vintage reports from 1995 to present, a wine show calendar and a searchable database of 1900 Australian wineries. It will also feature the Australian & New Zealand Buyers’ Guide, which enables visitors to search 1000 suppliers to the wine industry. In addition, Winebiz will be the home of the Winetitles and Ryan Publications’ extended websites and the Winetitles ‘Bookstore’ where the full range of Winetitles’ wine books can be perused and purchased online.

“We felt the industry required a ‘one stop shop’ wine portal covering technical, practical, and now wine business industry content and statistics,” said Mr Higgins.

“The merger of Winetitles and Ryan Publications in 2004 has created unique opportunities for our two companies to provide added value to subscribers and customers. Now, more than ever, with the launch of Winebiz and Daily Wine News we can really stand up as the premier wine industry publisher and say: ‘We’ve got wine business covered,’” Mr Higgins said.

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