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Amisfield Wine Company’s flagship wine – the Amisfield Pinot Noir has been recognised by acclaimed US wine magazine Wine Spectator naming the 2003 vintage in the magazines Top 100 wines for the year. Wine Spectator is the leading wine publication in the USA with a readership/circulation of 347000 in (ABC, June 2002) and features reviews from leading wine experts such as Harvey Steiman, James Laube and Matt Kramer. “We apply four criteria to determine the final selections”, comments Bruce Sanderson on www.winespecator.com: “quality (as represented by score); value (as reflected by release price); availability (measured by case production, or for international wines, the number of cases imported); and an X-factor we call excitement. No equation determines the final selections; the choices reflect our editors' judgment and enthusiasm about the wines tasted by Wine Spectator in 2005.” The Amisfield Pinot Noir 2003 achieved a 91 point rating in its initial assessment and has gone on to be included in the Top 100 wines for the year. This recognition continues the domestic and international success of this label since the release of the inaugural vintage in 2002. As the only New Zealand red wine to feature in this distinguished line up we can expect great things from this label in the future. More information on Amisfield Wines and the winery can be found on www.amisfield.co.nz

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