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Heathcote Vineyard goes on the market

The offer for the first time of an established vineyard for private sale within the Heathcote GI region will draw plenty of attention. Regarded as one of the new, revered red wine districts of Australia the Heathcote region has seen significant establishment of new vineyards in recent years including major new vineyard developments by Brown Brothers, Rosemount [before their takeover by Southcorp], Galli Estate, Tyrrell’s and the Indonesian-owned White Box winery and vineyard development. There have also been significant boutique scale developments by both local landowners and outside investors. The Toolleen Vineyard which is established on the western slope of the prominent Mt Camel Range and located about 18kms north of the Heathcote township is being offered for private sale with an asking price of $2.45 million. The property comprises 202 acres with 40 acres planted to vines since 1996. The varietal mix is 12.5 acres of Shiraz, 17.5 acres of Cabernet Sauvignon, 4 acres Cabernet Franc, 3 acres Merlot and 2.5 acres Durif. The vines are established on the revered more than 500-year-old Cambrian red soils with greenstone rocks interspersed throughout. Information supplied by the selling agent, the Appleby Group, has forecast grape production from a minimum of 80 to a maximum of 120 tonnes for the 2006 vintage. Previously a percentage of the grape production has been made into wine by Dominic Portent in the Yarra Valley and released under his own label. These grapes are reported to be subject to a “handshake agreement” between the vineyard and winemaker. The original vines planted on the Toolleen vineyard were acquired as cuttings from the Talgarno vineyard at Avoca where Portent was previously general manager. The balance of the production also made by Dominique Portent, estimated as 1,000 cases, have been released under the Toolleen Vineyard label and extensively exported to Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong. The owner of the vineyard is understood to be Mr K.C Huang and his family. For more information: John O’Donnell Appleby Group 03 98727 9555

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