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Barokes wins Wine-in-a-Can patent

Barokes Wines, the owners of the thriving Australian export, Wine-In-A-Can, welcomes the Australian Patent Office's confirmation of the validity of the innovation patent for its Vinsafe technology, the Australian-developed technique that produces wine in a can.

Barokes' innovation patent had been opposed by Amcor Packaging (Australia) Pty Ltd.

Barokes CEO and co founder, Greg Stokes, says the favourable decision allows the company to get on with the business of licensing their technology to Australian wine producers so that they can in turn promote their product to new markets. Stokes also believes that this means an end to uncertainty for Australia's troubled wine industry.

"It is unfortunate that small companies have to go through this, particularly in view of the resources dedicated to defending these challenges, but we acknowledge that this is the process and accept the umpires' decision," Mr Stokes said.

"This welcome decision means we can get on with the job of showcasing Australian innovation to the world and help our wine industry take up this great opportunity to package wine in a new and exciting way. It is also very encouraging to have received tremendous support from some major players in the wine and packaging industries that are also very keen that we proceed with the licensing of our Vinsafe technology."

Mr Stokes said the Australian patent comes just weeks after the European Union announced its intention to award Barokes a patent for that key region.

"The Australian and European patents as well as those we have in Japan, Singapore, New Zealand and South Africa, means that this home-grown product which has been showcasing Australian innovation to the world for some time now, is finally available to our own wine industry. The grant of these overseas patents has also made the Australian patent battlefront less critical, although still important to Barokes' success."

"We also acknowledge Amcor's right to appeal and we are ready for that and as has been the case all along, we would welcome the opportunity to sit down with Amcor to work out a commercial arrangement that is good for both parties, but more importantly, the Australian wine industry."

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