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Hawk offers solution to birds

A Hawk tethered to a helium balloon over vineyards has been the answer to bird-damaged crops, which is taking a big beak-full out of grape yields.

Bird damage has been recorded across wine grape vineyards in NSW, Vic, SA, Tas and Qld and the answer is as simple as having a Hawk hover over the vines to keep birds a safe distance from the fruit of the vines.

NSW Department of Agriculture technical officer, John Tracey, spoke at the Mudgee Small Farm Field Days in July of the damage birds were causing to yields, including total losses in some blocks in the State.

Research has discovered starlings were the most abundant species across a study of nine vineyards. Starlings were followed in population by mynahs, silver-eyes and parrots.

Recent research in America has developed a new type of plastic which will not allow helium or balloon gas to pass through the membrane and when made into a large balloon it will last three to four weeks before needing a top up of gas.

This new balloon coupled with a plastic replica hawk will be the only saviour for many crops this season.

The Hawk Bird Scarer is an Australian-made durable plastic silhouette of a Goshawk that has for more than 16 years now has been scaring birds away from crops, gardens and other sites where bird nuisance was costly, a health hazard or simply inconvenient.

At $275.00 (including GST) it soon pays for itself in higher yields. It comes fully rigged with line, balloon and hawk and when installed above your crop it will protect it from bird attack because birds think it is real and they don't get used to it.

Starlings, Indian mynahs, crows, silver-eyes, cockatoos, and parrots all have an instinctive fear of even something that looks like a hunting bird.

The Hawk Bird Scarer has many advantages over alternative methods of bird control. It is safe for the environment and it is not offensive to neighbours.

It is sold by mail order throughout Australia and exported to New Zealand, Europe and America. At $275.00 each (includes GST) plus postage, the Hawk Bird Scarer and space-age helium balloon will provide years of protection from damage that could run to many thousands of dollars.

For more information contact Trevor Richards on (02) 4934 8330 or fax (02) 4934 2107. The Hawk Bird Scarer is made by Tisara (Australia) Pty Ltd, ABN 68 002 818 028, PO Box 36, Morpeth NSW 2321, email or visit www.hawkbirdscarer.com

Information supplied by Trevor Richards of Tisara.

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