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480 million corks a year at new Oeneo plant

Oeneo Closures is leading the way in investment in new wine cork technology. At the end of 2005 they have invested over A$30 million in the production of their new Diam corks with the opening of a new plant capable of turning out 480 million Diam corks a year.

This is the most significant new technology investment by any cork producer ever.

Dean Banister Oeneo Australian sales manager said, “The rate at which Australian producers and retailers are switching to Diam as their preferred closure has been very rapid, over 1000 new Diam customers worldwide in the past 12 months, and we need to be able to meet that continually increasing demand.”

“The opening of the new plant will provide us with a very welcome additional source of supply for Diam.”

Diam is different to other corks as they are “faultless”, with less than the detectable limit of TCA — the contaminant that causes wine to taste “corked”.

The Diam cork has transformed the potential for cork as an effective closure for wine by eliminating traditional spoilage problems. “Our research, conducted by the Australian Wine Research Institute (AWRI) under rigorous scientific guidelines over 24 months, has continually demonstrated our Diam corks do not impart TCA into wine,” Dean said.

Diam recently won the Gold Award for Innovation in Packaging at Vinitech 2004, in Bordeaux.

The new plant, located in San Vincente de Alcantara, Extremadura, Spain has taken 18 months to complete and is one of the largest in the world.

It has been specifically designed to treat raw cork granules using supercritical CO2 extraction, the company’s unique process, and then reformulated the granules into the Diam corks.

“Everyone is asking what is the best closure? Oeneo have taken a scientific approach to distributing closures and now sell cork, screwcap and Diam. We have deleted from our companies inventory, any corks we can not guarantee,” Dean said.

“Winemakers today can choose TCA controlled closures be it screwcap or Diam, that is best suited for their wine based on its colour, style, shelf life and chemistry.”

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